Private Motor Yacht, Amsterdam

Silver Lining is a company that specialises in creating beautiful bespoke furniture with exquisite marquetry and carving. Each piece is made by an individual craftsman using exotic woods inlaid with materials such as chased silver, stitched leather or enamel.

They were commissioned to create a very specific look for the interior of a yacht and were required to ensure that the theme was incorporated into all of the furniture used on board including the soft furnishings.

Due to the exacting standard demanded by their client they needed the qualities of the upholstery to match the quality of the furniture they were making and consequently looked to work with a partner rather than undertake the upholstery themselves.

The key to the success of this project was the way in which we were able to work together despite the fact that parts required for the same piece of furniture were being made by teams who worked at opposite ends of the country. Through regular and precise communication, both of our companies were able to fulfil their parts of the brief and produce items whose overall finish was greater than the sum of their parts.