Cinema Projects

Bring the Oscars home! With comfortable seating, the right kind of technology and a bit of spare space, every night can be a movie night.

It’s not always easy to set up your own home cinema. Having the right technology and seating are key. At George Smith, we’ve worked on numerous cinema room projects. From cosy spaces with just a family-sized amount of seating space to full-blown exclusive cinemas for 50+ people! We thought we’d put together a collection of some of the furniture we’ve made for projects and offer a little inspiration for what could be your favourite place to relax in at the end of the day.

Cinema Beds

One of the best things about a private cinema is having the space to relax, without someone kicking your chair or obscuring your view! For this project at Electric House, London, the entire front row oozes comfort and is completely made up of multiple large square beds, perfect for laying down on and watching your favourite movie with the people you're closest to. We also made the bespoke red mohair chairs and leather ottomans so everyone can put their feet up.

Cinema Chairs and Sofas

You can manage your comfort levels down to the very last detail with bespoke cinema chair and sofa designs. This can range from using made to measure sofas or chairs from our George Smith collection (sofas are particularly practical if you would like to fit more people comfortably into the viewing space) or, as seen in here at Soho House, Chicago, multiple bespoke luxurious armchairs with leather ottomans which offer maximum roomy comfort and more personal space - and of course, a place for your own table lamp!

Independent Cinemas

The traditional colour for seating in theatres and cinemas is usually some shade of red, this is because red is the first colour that is lost to our sight in low light conditions. With independent or home cinemas, there is freedom to choose whatever fabric you want in your space. Such as this beautiful project at Soho House, New York which uses a gold velvet fabric to highlight a sense of opulence. Each armchair is made bespoke by George Smith and accompanied with a matching footstool to store your cashmere blanket.

Private cinemas

Nearly all our private cinema projects have involved bespoke and custom made pieces of furniture. Generally, there is a smaller space to work with, therefore the choice of furniture you choose or want to create is vital. In this private home project, designed by Thompson Carpenter, a variety of bespoke beds and chairs are used. The loose scatter cushions at the back of the sofa maintain a cosy intimacy and enables the seating position to be arranged to exactly how you like it. For more details and photos of this exciting project, please click here.

It’s all in the detail

When it comes to bespoke furniture for cinema rooms, it really is down to the finer details. Whether it is the popcorn holder in the armrest or an extra roomy seat for ultimate comfort. Below are a few examples of the types of bespoke furniture we have created at George Smith.