Inside Tommy Hilfiger's Family Home

Tommy Hilfiger’s Connecticut Home

Back to Back Sofas are a fantastic piece of furniture for rooms that are destined to be a hot spot for gatherings. The unique design offers a sociable seating arrangement and they can be completely tailored to your taste with fabrics and cushion types. George Smith is able to make almost any sofa this way too.

Architectural Digest has done an exclusive insight into Tommy Hilfiger’s suburban home, which features one of our Back to Back Signature Sofas in the main living room space. This exciting suburban interior space that was once in a state of ‘disrepair’, is now easy to mistake for something closer to a historic manor house. 

The house is a local historic landmark so old photos and architectural plans were essential to recreating the original footprint. Since it’s more like an English manor with French details, it was vital to preserve that feeling of being in a European country home. This was achieved with the carved oak panelling, furniture and a patina that is authentic and a bit worn. To view more of this spectacular home and hear about the ins and outs of its design, click here to read the article or watch the video here.