L-Shaped Sofas

L-shaped sofas have a beautiful way of combining the practicalities of home life with an endearing sense of statement and style. We interview Tor from Tor Interiors for tips and ideas on how to make corner sofas work in your home.

Her recent project, showcased in Homes & Gardens May issue, features a bespoke George Smith L-Shaped Brompton Sofa, Paris Chairs and bright yellow Soho Baby One Button Drum. Read the article here

On the Sofa with Tor Interiors

Tor Interiors was formed in 2001. They have a young, dedicated, creative and innovative team which handles all the various aspects of design, project management, coordination and dressing. See more details on their website

Each project is tailored to the needs and lifestyle of the client, meaning that their portfolio is fascinatingly diverse, featuring the best of both contemporary and classical design. We caught up with Tor on one particular project at a beautiful 19th-century residential house in Wandsworth, London. 

1. When it comes to making a statement with a piece of furniture, what advice would you give and what would you recommend avoiding?

Make sure the statement piece is the main part of the room so everyone can see this and everything flows from this piece. There is always a way to make this work within your space – if you love something it will work. Make sure what you are seeing really stands out in the room; it is your own personal style.

2. How do you reflect the Georgian style of the property from the interiors?

Keep the traditional features! The cornice and architraves, fireplace (if original). This room already has the double doors leading through into the dining room with the Georgian fenestration, so it is easy to keep the style prominent in this scheme. Pictured above: Pairs chair, for more information click here.

3. What helps you balance the practicality of living with style in a project?

Use luxurious but hardwearing fabrics, this helps to make the room cosy and inviting for the whole family. The space needs to double up as a family room and a grown-up room for entertaining. There is a small TV on a swing arm that tucks discreetly away out of view when not in use.

Practical but good looking furniture combined with a coffee table provides the perfect space for drinks and nibbles. Lots of small moveable tables and an extra stool for seating also help to balance the space. Pictured above: Soho Baby One Button Drum, for more information click here

4. What was your thought process for including an L-Shaped Brompton sofa into this project?

The bespoke George Smith Brompton Sofa was a key piece to the room and everything else worked around it. We spent a lot of time with George Smith getting this to the maximum size for the seating space that still felt right with the size of our room. Having an L-shape immediately creates a lovely U-shaped seating plan around the fire with the addition of the George Smith Paris Chairs and a brightly coloured Baby One Button Drum.

The design of this mid-century style Brompton Sofa is more formal and the raised legs provide a feeling of space as you can see under the sofa. This also looks smarter within the room, yet still delivers the comfort of a luxurious sofa. The arms of the sofa are slim too, which allows for more seating space. Pictured above: Bespoke L-Shape Brompton Tuxedo Arm Sofa with loose cushion back, for more information click here.  

5. What are your tips on how to style and accessorise an L-shaped sofa?

Treat it like any sofa with lots of decorative cushions in different shapes, sizes and fabrics to add depth and colour… you can never have too many cushions!! Small light circular tables are perfect to go with the corner sofa, as you can move them around depending on where people sit for extra surfaces for drinks and light bites.

L-Shaped Sofas

Made to Measure Square Style Sofa in Tweed Linen Cream fabric. Click here to view.

L-Shape Knight Sofa in De Le Cuona Flint Earth fabric. Click here to view.