New 2017 Raoul Textiles Collection

Raoul Textiles Collaboration

Raoul Textiles and George Smith have a long-established relationship and have just released their exclusive new 2017 collection of upholstery weight fabrics called ‘Blooms and Berries'. Complete with original, bold designs and a mix of patterns all with a modern twist, this is not a collection to miss out on. The collection focuses on blending eclectic florals and small scale motifs in a range of rich, chalky colours.


Subtle colour tone changes and intricate patterns create the mesmerising Mums design. Other colours from the collection include Blueberry and Rose, view more here.


It's a fresh, bold and distinctive design, perfect for upholstery and Summer inspired interiors. It also comes in colours Olive, Indigo and Capri. To see more, click here.


A fascinating design with a distinct haphazard fun element. Lola comes in a variety of additional colours including Blueberry, Mole and Husk. View more here.

There are many more beautiful fabrics in the new Raoul Textiles 2017 range that aren’t part of our collaboration with them. To view online, you must have a trade account with Raoul textiles themselves. Please do request one, these stunning fabrics are worth checking out and look stunning upholstered on to furniture.