Bespoke Furniture - Inspired By The Knight Stool

Deep buttoning is a traditional craft and has been used for hundreds of years. Its intricate process and stunning results can add a dramatic flair to any piece of furniture. The time-consuming nature of completing it requires skill and patience. Many people view it as a more exaggerated version of standard buttoning.

Several bespoke pieces that are inspired by the Knight Stool use the traditional deep buttoning approach yet with a modern twist. Whether it's featuring deep buttoning on a single panel of furniture or to cover the entire piece, its ability to create a feature is a major reason why it has become a popular choice with many bespoke furniture designs today. For more information on how to create your own piece of George Smith bespoke furniture, please contact your nearest showroom representative, see details here

Bespoke Sofa Inspiration

Corner Sofa


This bespoke corner sofa comes in two separate parts that are slotted together. It's completely covered in deep buttoning for a luxurious effect. Fabric by De Le Cuona in Flint Earth.

The 'box like' look resembles the modern and more angular style of the Knight Stool juxtaposed with the gentle curvature of the deep buttoning. 

One Sided Sofa

Here, the deep buttoning effect had been condensed to the back and side sections of the sofa offering a smooth seat. Fabric by Paolo Moschino for Nicholas Haslam in Arezzo Velvet Green.

This beautiful sofa displays a clean cut finish of floor length upholstery to hide the sofa legs, which is then completed in a plush green velvet.

Knight Stool

The Knight Stool as seen in our catalogue, covered in Basketweave Petrol. If you would like to download the George Smith catalogue or simply see more of our standard collection, please follow the link here to do so.

A stunning example of custom sizing can be applied to the Knight Stool to form a more rectangular cuboid shape.