The Conversation Piece


The definition of a Conversation Piece is when the piece of furniture itself becomes the topic of conversation due to its unusual and eye-catching qualities. At George Smith we have made many versions of this spectacular piece of furniture, including some with customised designs, extraordinary detailing and luxurious fabrics. The photo (above) is a bespoke George Smith Conversation Piece with a larger seat platform and a more oval shape.

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The Classic

This Conversation Piece is the standard version that you will find in the George Smith catalogue. With plenty of deep buttoning, carefully constructed ruching along the bottom and seat joints and shiny nail heads it simply exudes luxury. It has a medium sized back and four distinct seats. This classic piece can be seen in leopard print in the Sandton Grand Hotel in Ghent and in pink mohair velvet at Babington House in Somerset.  

Brief history

The Conversation Piece originated in the 19th Century. It is generally composed of two or more seats placed back to back, making it quite difficult to have a conversation on - a delicious irony, given its name!

Tall turret

There is a lot of scope to customise your own Conversation Piece. Dimensions and details can be modified to suit the place in which it will be situated, whether it is an edgy bar, a cosy restaurant or the grand hallway of a hotel. A flat top can be substituted for the traditional dome, creating a slightly more structured effect. Alternatively we can make an extended turret in the centre, for added height and a unique shape.


For a smoother seat and a more modern look, the Conversation Piece can be created without deep buttoning or ruching, or only feature deep buttoning on selected areas. This gives the impression of space and allows for greater variety of texture and pattern. This Conversation Piece was upholstered in a bespoke fabric, which involved intricate pattern matching. 

Oval Shape


This bespoke George Smith Conversation Piece has no legs and no distinct seating. Its oval shape and tall turret makes it a modern and funky alternative to the more classic model. 

Large Scale

Believe it or not, there is no limit to the number of seats you can have on a Conversation Piece! Some bespoke pieces we have created at George Smith have been designed to seat more then twenty people, making it something of a cross between a Banquette and a Conversation Piece.

More Projects

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