Inside Public Hotel, New York

The exterior of Public, 215 Chrystie St, New York

One year on and Ian Schrager’s Public Hotel, designed by Herzog & de Meuron, continues to captivate visitors.

Public is Schrager’s 21st-century iteration of the boutique hotel concept he pioneered 25 years ago. This time he has smartly geared towards democratising luxury, by eschewing the usual tropes such as bellhops and room service and focussing on the details that really matter to modern consumers.

Above top, the Diego Lounge, above below, the Heather Sofa from the Jean-Louis Deniot Collection

Hotel Style

According to Schrager, the hotel’s style is personal, provocative and flamboyant, while also being simple, refined, modest and sophisticated. It’s a ‘cosy radical chic’ that resonates with all generations.

“There is no pretence with Public. Its invisible design done with honesty, conviction, love and passion...effortless, timeless, purist design, providing a relaxed vibe and familiar atmosphere that feels like home, but better.” says Schrager

The spaces at Public were designed to bring people together, to create community and to connect work, leisure, fun and culture. The 367 smart and efficient guest rooms, resembling cabins on a yacht, are equipped with everything you need and want and nothing extraneous, creating comfort in perfect harmony with functionality.

The hotel features three bars: ‘The Lobby Bar’ a work and leisure area; ‘The Roof’, a rooftop bar with panoramic views over the Manhattan skyline and ‘Diego’ Lounge.

Above top, the Diego Lounge, above below, custom-made slipper chairs and the George Smith Signature Chair  


Diego Lounge

Stylish and sophisticated, Diego Lounge is an intimate lounge space akin to a private gentleman’s club in London. The lounge features an 18ft by 7ft hand-woven tapestry reproduction of Diego Rivera’s famous fresco, ‘Man at the Crossroads’. Saint Laurent marble coffee tables sit next to George Smith furniture pieces designed to complement the namesake tapestry.

The space features Heather Sofas from the Jean-Louis Deniot Collection, upholstered in jewel-toned velvets, and slipper chairs, bespoke created custom-made by George Smith and upholstered in silk damask.

Blue velvet George Smith Signature Chairs preside in front of a blackened steel fireplace, custom-designed by Herzog & de Meuron, while overhead hangs a bold artwork by Anselem Reyle titled “Zen Foil”.

Above top, the Diego Lounge, above below, the Heather Sofa from the Jean-Louis Deniot Collection and custom-made slipper chair

Design by  Herzog & de Meuron

Photography credit Nicholas Koenig