The Farmers Arms


Woolsery is a quintessentially British village that goes by two names: Woolsery and Woolfardisworthy. Many of the historical businesses in Woolsery have closed their doors due to the decline in tourism over the past decades, including the local pub, the Framers Arms, and the connecting Inn, the Manor House.

A Village Patron

The pub, Manor House and post office have been recently purchased by tech millionaire, Michael Birch, who has fond childhood memories of both the pub and the surrounding village. His fondness for this village is more than for its beauty as he also has ancestral roots within the village, with family members still residing there to this day.

Top left and right: The trendy dining hall, located within the former cattle shed features a farmhouse dining table, bespoke George Smith dining chairs and a high back banquette.

Bottom left to right: Bespoke dining chair with a tartan back, a George Smith Brewster Chair, a bespoke buttoned dining chair, and the George Smith Chartwell Chair.


The Farmers Arms

Mr Birch and his wife have restored the pub, alongside many other buildings in the village, to their former glory as great places for the community to come together, whether it be for a pint at the Farmers Arms or a bite to eat at the Fish & Chip shop.

Top left to right: a pair of bespoke settle benches crowned with sheepskin, the George Smith Fairhill Sofa in fabric from Timorous Beasties with a pair of  George Smith Brewster Chairs.


Country Inspiration

The interior design of the Farmers Arm’s and the adjoining Manor House has been undertaken by the Talented team at Hannah Lohan Interiors. George Smith Work with the London based studio to create furniture which reflected the country location and spoke to the heritage and size of the property.

From left to right: a George Smith Somerville Sofa and a George Smith Eve Chair.