Inside the Mondrian Suites Hotel, Berlin

The restaurant, featuring The Hogarth Chair, bespoke L-Shaped Fairhill sofas, The Penny Chair and a bespoke oval ottoman.

 The Mondrian Suites Hotel 

The Mondrian Suites Hotel, located in the heart of Berlin, is a modern townhouse hotel with 134 beautifully designed and luxurious studios and apartments, offering all the comforts of home and more.

From left to right: The Soho Baby Buttoned Drum, a bespoke L-Shaped Fairhill Sofa and the Hogarth Chair

The Restaurant

The hotel restaurant, designed by K Design Soho, features an assortment of pieces from George Smith, including the Hogarth Chair from the Cocktail CollectionSoho Baby Buttoned Drums from our Main Collection and bespoke pieces designed and created for this space.

From left to right:  a pair of Hogarth Chairs and the Soho Baby Buttoned Drum

The restaurant, featuring a bespoke scalloped banquette