Inside the Goop Pop-up Store

The Ilse Sofa (low back version) covered in grey velvet

Following the success of Goop’s first London shop in Notting Hill, the newly opened Goop pop-up store in Harvey Nichols stocks a curated selection of the brand’s wellness, fashion and beauty products. The space was designed by Vicky Charles, founder of Charles & Co.

          "Charles & Co translated my dream of a Goop general store into a beautiful, tangible experience, where we can keep sharing more of what we love—good food, clean skin care, thoughtfully curated fashion, and more." - Gwyneth Paltrow


The retail space features a backdrop of warm, neutral colours which have been juxtaposed with contrasting wallpapers and assorted foliage, while an inviting Ilse Sofa offers a comfortable sanctuary for weary shoppers. Discover the Ilse Sofa here. 

A statement circular marble table is surrounded by George Smith Soho Baby Drums (unbuttoned version) in a muted pink velvet.


Launched in 2008 out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen as a homespun weekly newsletter, Goop was created to organise Gwyneth’s unbiased travel recommendations, health-centric recipes, and shopping discoveries for friends, as well as being a place to source answers to her own questions about health, fitness, and the psyche. It has always been a great way for Gwyneth to introduce some of the incredible experts who have mentored her throughout her life, and a place where readers can find suggestions about where to shop, eat, and stay from a trusted friend—not from an anonymous, crowd-sourced recommendation engine.



Ilse Crawford is known for creating comfortable environments, whether that be effortlessly habitable homes or welcoming, user-friendly public spaces. The furniture collection, handmade by George Smith, has been designed to support and enhance people’s everyday life. The simplicity of the design belies the rigorous research that has gone into honing the extremely particular dimensions, each calculated and tested to ensure the pieces support the changing habits of modern life. The pieces are upholstered in a range of signature colours in long haired mohair velvet, especially chosen to offer a supremely tactile experience. Download the brochure here.