Outdoor Furniture

An Outdoor Signature Sofa at Soho Beach House, Miami USA

We are able to extend the comfort of George Smith furniture to outdoor spaces, without compromising on quality, comfort or aesthetic by producing high-performance, weather-grade upholstery versions of all our products.

An Outdoor Brompton Sofa as seen at a private residence in the UK

How it's made

Our outdoor furniture frames are made using sustainable Iroko hardwood timber. Weatherproof hardware and coil springs are chosen to avoid rusting, while non-mould forming materials have been used to create the interior upholstery and cushions.

An matching pair of Outdoor Signature Sofas at Soho Beach House, Miami USA

How George Smith Outdoor Began

We started creating outdoor furniture 20 years ago to meet the demand of luxury hospitality spaces. Our product development department worked on several prototypes of different weather resistant materials. The prototypes were then left in the elements for an extended period of time, before being returned to the workshop for examination. The material formula we use today is based on the results of that original weather test, and we are proud to see that our outdoor furniture is still in use a decade later in spaces like Soho House New York & Soho Beach House Miami.

Various George Smith Standard pieces made for outdoor use at Hotel Adriatic, Rovinj Croatia

From homes to hospitality spaces

From hotels to yachts, or your own private oasis, we offer you beautiful, handmade chairs and sofas that are just as comfortable, hard-wearing and long-lasting as our iconic indoor furniture. We work with some of the best outdoor fabric suppliers to offer you a wide selection of styles, colours and patterns.

An pair of Outdoor Brompton Chairs as seen at private residence in the UK

Outdoor Catalogue 

Download our Outdoor Catalogue here. If you would like to learn more about our outdoor furniture, contact your nearest showroom.