Inside Wild Honey St James

Chef & ‘Wild Honey’ founder Anthony Demetre sits on a deep buttoned banquette within the main dining area.

Softly lit and adorned with a series of contemporary artworks by artists including Eleanor Carlingford, Ross Miller and Jason Keeley, the dining room at Wild Honey St James is a stylish juxtaposition of low-key chic and eye-catching modernity.

Curved fluted banquettes in George Smith Mohair in St James’ Bar

George Smith were commissioned to create all the banquettes for this project. Jim Hamilton and client Sofitel St James wanted to incorporate the highest standard of craftsmanship throughout the restaurant and adjoining St James Bar. All 13 banquettes we produced are coil sprung and hand made using our recipe of natural, traditional materials.

Mirrored deep buttoned banquette within the main dining area.

It took our team of button makers two days to complete the 2400 buttons for the deep buttoned banquettes.