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    Our skills as craftspeople and designers ensure that your furniture is completely aligned to the way you live and the homes you create.

    Choosing bespoke means prioritising individuality and quality, ensuring that you receive a unique and meticulously crafted item or experience that truly reflects your personality and desires.

    Sizes and details are defined, designed and refined to produce a George Smith piece unique to you.

Our Bespoke Process

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Step 1
The Quote

Before we plan the design, let’s talk. Whether it’s a single sofa or an entire hotel the process is the same​; we need to understand the individual needs of the project. Look, feel, scale, material, quantity, budget and use are all considered at quote stage to provide you with a price.

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Step 2
The Design

Once the order is placed, the design can begin. Our dedicated design & development team will work closely with you to create drawings for approval. A visit to your local showroom is advised to try out different comforts & ergonomics that will impact the bespoke nature of your order.

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Step 3
The Production

Once approved drawings are put into production, depending on your requirements we can start with a prototype or go straight to the final piece. Our factory doors are always open for visitors, where you can visit your order in person during production. It is imperative that you are involved in every stage of the bespoke process to ensure the project is precisely to your specification.

Cinema Seating

    At George Smith we’ve worked on numerous cinema room projects, from cosy spaces for one family to full blown exclusive cinemas for 50+ people! One of the best things about a private cinema is having the space to relax, with no chair kicking or uncomfortable squashed in seating. We created the seating for Electric House in London, which features large square sofa seating at the front, perfect for lying down and watching your favourite film in perfect comfort.

Bar Stools

    Over the years we have created a multitude of bespoke bar stools for a variety of high end hospitality venues including The Ivy in London, Le Portetta in the French Alps and the Mondrian Hotel in Berlin.If you have an idea, drawing or photograph of what you want, we can work with our design and development team to create the perfect piece for you of the highest quality.


    A banquette is a built-in piece of upholstered furniture that usually (but not always!) runs along a wall. The beauty of a banquette is optimum seating room and not having to tuck and untuck from the table. A banquette also adds a classy, clean look to any interior. At George Smith we have created many different kinds of banquette, each unique to their location. Whether big or small, fluted or buttoned, upholstered in leather or fabric, residential or commercial, we can create the perfect banquette for any space.

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