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Cinema Season

Electric Cinema | Soho House
    If you have your own supremely comfortable private cinema, every night can be movie night.

    When it comes to movie marathons, comfortable seating is key. At George Smith we’ve worked on numerous and varied cinema projects, from cosy snugs with family-sized seating space to grand exclusive cinemas for more than 50 people! We’ve put together a collection of some of the furniture we’ve made for these projects, to give you a little inspiration for what will be your favourite place to relax in at the end of the day.
    You can manage your comfort levels down to the very last detail with bespoke cinema chair and sofa designs. Whether you choose made to measure sofas and chairs from our George Smith collection (sofas are particularly practical if you would like to fit more people comfortably into the viewing space) or completely bespoke, luxurious armchairs and leather ottomans, you can be sure that George Smith will bring our years of expertise to make your design a reality.

    One of the best things about a private cinema is having the space to relax without someone kicking your chair or obscuring your view! In Electric Cinema, London, the entire front row exudes luxurious comfort, being made up of multiple large square beds which are perfect for stretching out on to watch your favourite movie. We also made bespoke red mohair chairs and leather ottomans for this project, so that everyone can put their feet up and enjoy the movie in comfort.

Bespoke Cinema Chairs

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Our classic cinema chair design - this piece has it all. With a sumptuous cushion and deep seat, this a chair you can comfortably sit in for hours. Perfect for movie marathons!

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This beauty was designed by Susie Atkinson for Soho House Berlin. We love the shape of the back and the fringe addition!

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Adapted for a senior residence, this piece has a higher seat with a shallower depth to provide autonomy and confidence to all residents who may want to watch a movie.

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Try a contrast fabric! The cosy wool fabric works perfectly alongside the luxurious velvet on this chair.

    The traditional colour for seating in theatres and cinemas is usually a shade of red; this is because red is the first colour that is lost to our sight in low light conditions. With independent or home cinemas, you have the freedom to choose whatever fabric you desire.
    Nearly all our private cinema projects have involved bespoke and custom made pieces of furniture. With private cinemas you are generally working with a smaller area, therefore choosing the right furniture for your space is critical.
Cheval Gloucester Park | APML Estate Ltd
Cheval Gloucester Park | APML Estate Ltd

Dreaming Of The Ultimate Cinematic Experience?

Our sales team can help you to create the optimum space design that truly encapsulates the glorious world of cinema.

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