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Classic Leather

    We are very excited to be adding a new leather to our collection! Introducing Classic Leather.

    Aniline-finished and lightly buffed, this pull-up leather presents a distinctive distressed and crackled finish. Classic Leather delivers a warm heritage appeal, transcending styles with timeless elegance and enduring charm.

    Classic Leather is available in 18 stylish colours, which compliment and enhance the natural textures and imperfections of the leather.
    In George Smith Classic Leather, customers will find a unique blend of style, resilience, and timeless appeal.

Classic Leather Furniture

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Early Victorian Chesterfield Sofa

Classic Leather Chestnut

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Georgian Chair with seat cushion

Classic Leather Juniper

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Short Scroll Arm Signature Chair

Classic Leather Chocolate

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Fender Stool Buttoned

Classic Leather Garnet

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Soho Baby One Buttoned Drum

Classic Leather Dark Olive

Shading and Scarring

    Leather, a natural material, often carries scars or marks that testify to its organic origins. Being subjected to a natural dyeing process, variations in shade and colour are common and to be expected. These inherent characteristics underscore the genuine, unique qualities of each leather piece. These characteristics are not defects, but natural occurrences inherent in the quality of authentic leather.

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