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The Art of Our Back-To-Back Sofas

The Back-To-Back Sofa can be traced back to the middle of the 19th century when it was commonly found in prestigious residences, as well as art galleries and museums across Britain.

The History Of A Back-To-Back Sofa

    This versatile piece of furniture served as the core of two separate seating spaces, or was used by people appreciating artworks in galleries.

    In the world of furniture design, innovation is key to creating pieces that not only look beautiful but also serve a practical purpose. One such marvel is the Back-To-Back sofa, a unique creation that is both functional and stylish.

    At George Smith, we take pride in being one of the only manufacturers in the UK to make this extraordinary piece of furniture.
Grand Bellevue Hotel designed by Atelier Zuerich

The Making Of A Back-To-Back Sofa

    Our frames are constructed by hand, from responsibly sourced hardwood which has been kiln dried. For the internal build and fillings of the sofas, traditional cone springs are used in the back and the seat. These give comfortable, enduring support and ensure even weight distribution across the piece.

    We use horsehair as the primary stuffing material, enveloping and cushioning the coil springs, followed by a layer of cotton felt to provide thick padding and comfort.

    Our craftsmen are then ready to apply the fabric and create the pleats. They expertly match the patterns of the fabric, if required, and apply any trimmings and nailhead details.

    One of our skilled craftsmen may come to site to complete the upholstery process, paying close attention to every detail when pattern matching and aligning the two sofas back to back.
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The Benefits Of A Back-To-Back Sofa

    Imagine having two sofas seamlessly merged into one elegant piece of furniture. That’s the magic of a Back-To-Back sofa. Our signature design, featuring Standard Arm, Fixed-Back Signature Sofas, offers a versatile style that is both popular and highly functional.

    1. Dual Functionality
    With two sofas in one, you get double the seating capacity without compromising on style.

    2.Statement Piece
    A Back-To-Back sofa is not just furniture; it’s a conversation starter and the centrepiece of any room.

    3.Space Optimisation
    This sofa makes the best possible use of your space, transforming it into an area that is both functional and versatile.

Interiors designed by Salvesen Graham

Bespoke & Made-to-Measure

    We currently manufacture over 2000 bespoke designs and made-to-measure pieces per year; it’s something we are well-versed in and equipped to do. Our expertise in furniture design combines with the inspiration of interior designers to create iconic spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful.

    The design process starts with a client’s initial drawing or inspiration image. Our dedicated product development team then interpret the image to produce a technical drawing using the latest in CAD technology.

    Once approved drawings are put into production, depending on your requirements, we can either start with a prototype or go straight to the final piece. Our factory doors are always open to visitors, and you are welcome to come and view your order during the production process. We like our clients to be involved in every stage of the bespoke process, to ensure the furniture is made precisely to your specification.
Grand Hotel Bellvue, Gstaad Fotograf BR, c/o so & so GmbH / CH - 8005 Zürich Postfinance PC-85-116545-5 IBAN elektronisch : CH4809000000851165455

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