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George Smith New Velvet Collection

    George Smith has launched an exquisite collection of new velvets: Venice, Florence, and Genoa. Each velvet is available in 12 captivating colourways, allowing for versatile design options and ensuring there’s a perfect shade to complement your interior style.

    Whether it’s the durability that goes beyond expectations, the richness of colour that captivates the eye or the versatility that seamlessly fits any style, these new velvets are a top choice for those seeking a sophisticated look.

Venice Velvet

    Lavish and sumptuous, Venice velvet boasts a thick, fluffy pile and an incredibly silky soft handle. Its natural lustre creates mesmerising movement which is unique, rich and sublimely textural.

    Designed to be hard-wearing and long-lasting, Venice velvet is an ideal choice for furniture upholstery and ensures an enduring, elegant appearance. Its directionless pile offers a soft & comfortable feel making this velvet the perfect option for those seeking a timeless infusion of luxury.

    Available in 12 colours, Venice velvet has a big personality, radiating effortless chic with its crushed velvet texture and heritage allure.
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Florence Velvet

    Stylish and charismatic, Florence is a classic linen velvet characterised by unruly fibres that capture the light and create an ever-changing play of hues and textures at different angles.

    Florence velvet has a matte, “dry” look, with a horizontal weave that takes dye exceptionally well, resulting in a deep, rich colour. Offering a relaxed, vintage style, Florence velvet adds a sense of natural rustic comfort and timeless appeal.

    This Linen/Cotton mix velvet is available in 12 of our best-selling colourways and boasts an incredible 200,000 martindale for extra luxurious durability. Discover the power of Florence velvet to transform your space into a haven of style and charm.
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Genoa Velvet

    Subtle and sublimely soft, Genoa velvet is a closely woven fabric with a short, thick, pile. Velvet is softest when woven from natural fibres, especially cotton. Known for being a durable and breathable material, it maintains its shape and structure for years to come. The short pile offers a soft handle, while the delicate sheen adds reflective highlights that change in perspective, giving the fabric a dynamic visual appeal.

    This 100% cotton velvet is available in 12 of our best-selling colourways and boasts an incredible 200,000 martindale for extra luxurious durability. Splendidly soft, the supple drape and texture of Genoa will create an atmosphere of comfort and elegance in your interior space.

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