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Image courtesy of Hotel Kranzbach GmbHA Kompatscher

Inside Das Kranzbach

Das Kranzbach is the exact opposite of a business hotel: the people who come here on holiday, are looking for rest, relaxation and energy. Yoga courses and pools are open for guests to swim a few laps before breakfast.

Large pastel Sofas in Living area
Image courtesy of Hotel Kranzbach GmbHA Kompatscher

The Ilse Crawford Collection

The design of this fine hotel features The Ilse Sofa, and was done by Studio Ilse. Ilse Crawford is known for creating environments where humans feel comfortable and public spaces that make us feel at home.

The collection, handmade by George Smith, has been designed to support and enhance human behaviour and actions in everyday life. The pieces are upholstered in a range of signature colours in mohair, chosen for tactile experiences.

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Ilse Crawford at Table with designs
Ilse Crawford

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