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Le Grand Bellevue in winter

Luxury Interiors: Inside Le Grand Bellevue

Step inside this palace hotel in Gstaad, where exquisite style and eclectic design combine with a lively atmosphere that is vibrant and youthful, embracing all generations.

Le Grand Bellevue Hotel

In the heart of Gstaad village on The Promenade itself, Le Grand Bellevue was originally built in 1912 as a Cure House and Spa, and continues to hold the title of the oldest palace hotel in Gstaad.

Together with Atelier Zürich, the Koetsers have created a casual yet refined interior. This 57-room hotel epitomises a relaxed and residential approach to hospitality, and acts as a hotspot for a new generation of luxury travellers.

Le Grand Bellevue
Lounge | Long Short Scroll Arm Signature Sofa
The Lounge | Somerville Sofa (buttoned), Georgian Sofa

The Lounge

Bold colours, eye-catching prints and elegant furniture make up the Lounge where guests can indulge in afternoon tea by an open fire.

Here, bespoke furniture includes side-tables made from antique Alpine walking sticks alongside classic George Smith Eve Chairs, Bedroom Chairs and Jules Sofas upholstered in soft velvets and smart herringbone fabrics. Guests can sink into sumptuous sofas, curl up in the Moroccan alcove with a book or chatter in gently swaying birdcage chairs. Other George Smith pieces featured in the Lounge are; Somerville Sofa, Georgian Sofa, Minster Sofa, Minster Chair and Somerville Chair.

The Lounge | Jules Sofa, Eve Chair
The Lounge | Minster Sofa, Bedroom Chair, Minster Chair, Eve Chair, Jules Sofa

The Bar

The Art-Deco Bar, with dramatic domed ceilings, boasts a racing green zinc-topped bar and 17-metre custom-made George Smith Chesterfield Banquette.

In 2013, this bespoke Chesterfield was the longest in Europe! The perfect setting for cocktails, its tongue-in-cheek list includes tipples such as Bellevue Smash, Fairytale and Devil’s Playground.

The Bar | Bespoke Chesterfield Sofa, Brewster Chairs
Deep Buttoning Upholstery Craftsmanship
The Bar | Bespoke Chesterfield Banquette, Chesterfield Sofa, Brewster Chairs, Soho Baby Buttoned Drum | Image: Nick Hopper

The Lobby

The Lobby hosts three George Smith Signature Back to Back sofas. A showstopper if ever there was one, with beautiful contrast fabrics and fringe detailing.

The Back to Back Sofa is a contemporary take on the traditional Tête-à-Tête and is the perfect choice for a grand sitting room or reception space.

Back to Back Signature Sofa
The Lobby | Back to Back Signature Sofas

Atelier Zürich

Atelier Zürich are a Swiss interior design studio, who stand for modern and emotional interior design.

Founded in 2005 by Claudia Silberschmidt, Atelier Zürich creates designs that all have their very own distinctive style and identity. Every draft is characterised by its depth and its refreshing charm, always featuring the unexpected as well as a good pinch of humour.

On the Sofa with Atelier Zürich
Lobby Staircase

Gstaad, Switzerland

Born in Switzerland and educated internationally, Le Grand Bellevue owners Daniel and Davia Koetser realised global careers in hotel development and interior design respectively, before meeting and marrying in Gstaad – spending their first night in the hotel they now own.

“My wife and I have a great affinity with Gstaad. We love it for its traditions and age-old institutions but feel there’s room for innovation and a dash of sassiness. Our dream was to create a buzzing destination in the heart of the village that captures the spirit of Gstaad but looks to its bright future too. We want the hotel to feel understated and effortless yet imaginative and spoiling.” - Daniel Koetser, Owner

Mountain view from Le Grand Bellevue in Summer
The Bar | Bespoke Chesterfield Banquette, Chesterfield Sofa, Brewster Chairs, Soho Baby Buttoned Drum | Image: Nick Hopper

Feeling Inspired?

Le Grand Bellevue Hotel features many pieces of George Smith furniture created in fabrics sourced by Atelier Zürich. Browse our Catalogue Collection and create your own scheme of pieces.

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