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The Philip Mould Gallery Stand at Masterpiece

Masterpiece London is the unmissable art fair where visitors can view and buy the finest works of art, design, furniture and jewellery - from antiquity to the present day.

Philip Mould & Company Gallery

Philip Mould & Company Gallery have been specialising in British art and Old Master paintings for over 35 years.

Through his books and television work, Philip Mould is one of the best-known figures in the art world. His hit BBC1 programme Fake or Fortune? reaches up to five million viewers in the UK and greater numbers abroad, making it the most-watched arts programme on television. The gallery is known for diligent research and connoisseurship and regularly stages major exhibitions accompanied by scholarly publications.

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Masterpiece London Sims Hilditch

Sims Hilditch

Sims Hilditch design studio is recognised by the industry as one of the most influential, professional and trusted studios operating today. Sims Hilditch was asked to create the Masterpiece stand for Philip Mould & Company.

The stand featured the Emma Sofa and Chair from the Sims Hilditch collection designed for George Smith. The Emma Sofa and Chair were used as a central seating area, allowing people to soak up the beauty of the works around them.

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Masterpiece London Sims Hilditch

From Sketch to Reality

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The Original Sketch by Sims Hilditch
Featuring our Emma Sofa and Chair and the wonderful aubergine coloured walls.
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The Philip Mould & Company stand at Masterpiece 2022
The sketch was brought to reality, the exceptional interior design ensures that the artwork stands out.

Louise Wicksteed

Sims Hilditch Design Director

After an exceptional Masterpiece, George Smith had an interview with Louise Wicksteed. Louise created an environment that welcomed you in and kept you captivated. Her use of the Farrow & Ball colour Brinjal, with a deep brown and purple hue, was genius... we ask ourselves, is aubergine the new neutral? 

Masterpiece London Sims Hilditch


  1. What was your brief for the Philip Mould Stand?
    The aim of the stand was to provide the perfect backdrop to celebrate the collection of 500 years of British art, for which Phillip Mould Gallery is known. The collection this year focused on feminine glamour in portraiture, featuring pieces from Old Masters and modern artists alike. We created an inviting and opulent stand in the style of a drawing room. The aim here was to showcase each portrait as it might be seen in the home, emphasizing the relationship between art and interiors and highlighting how the way art is displayed can affect one’s perception of it. This includes many elements, including lighting, hanging and framing.
  2. How did you choose the wall colour?
    We went through a number of shades when choosing the wall colour, which is Brinjal by Farrow and Ball. We looked at deep blue and a rich green before settling on the beautiful aubergine that became the backdrop for the stand. Not only does this colour bring to mind a sense of femininity, but it has also been associated with wealth and royalty throughout history, befitting much of the artwork on display including a portrait of Princess Diana.
  3. How did Sims Hilditch put their unique stamp on the Philip Mould stand?
    The drawing room style space created for this stand was very much designed to feel like a room in a home, rather than a gallery. We worked closely with British brands including George Smith furniture to create a sofa and two armchairs, which were upholstered in fabric by Fermoie. Lighting is key to the success of any room and is something that we champion in Sims Hilditch interiors. We ensured that soft lighting illuminated each portrait, making it pop against the deep aubergine walls. An interior architectural element was introduced to the stand in the form of archways, which draw the eye to key pieces of artwork.
  4. What Inspires your interior decisions?
    In this instance, the inspiration for this stand came from the juxtaposition of art and architecture in history. The arches create attractive and feminine curves which contrast nicely with the straight lines of the space and, working with the symmetry of the room, frame key paintings when looking from the outside of the stand, in. The palette of aubergine and olive was inspired by the rich shades used in the oil paintings displayed, softened with natural linens used for the soft furnishings.
  5. What questions would you ask your client before working on an interior design?
    The first thing we do when working with a new client at Sims Hilditch is take the time to understand their preferences and requirements for their home. A client with a young family might require plenty of storage, and a couple with pets might need a dog shower and durable flooring and fabrics. It is important to understand these things at the outset to help us to tailor our designs to create a house that really feels like a home.
  6. What do you consider more important between aestheticism and functionality?
    We often say ‘function before form’ when working on our interiors. While the aesthetic of a room is of course important, first and foremost a space should be useable and suitable for modern living. There is little benefit in having a beautiful room which is never used because it isn’t fit for purpose.
Masterpiece London Sims Hilditch

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The collection is a celebration of beautiful, practical design for inspirational interiors, tailored for ultimate luxury.

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