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Photographer Regine Giesecke

House Tour: St. Karlshof, The Pearl Of Zug

Step inside one of the most prominent historical properties on Lake Zug, in central Switzerland, designed by Sabine Andreas.

The Designer

Sabine Andreas

Sabine holds a Master of Business Administration from Göttingen, Germany, and is a graduate of the KLC School of Design in London, specialising in Interior and Decoration. In 2003, Sabine started her own Interior Architect company in Berlin. After relocating to Switzerland in 2009, Sabine continued to thrive; her journey and educational accomplishments solidified the success of her company.

Interior Designer, Sabine Andreas

The Project

St. Karlshof The Pearl Of Zug, comprises buildings dating back to 1616 and 1909, and the brief was to restore the historical estate to its former beauty and glamour. The client, Niklas Nikolajsen von Karlshof envisioned an Edwardian Rococo style, with a focus on high-quality furniture, historical profiling and intricate detailing on walls and ceilings.

George Smith Signature Sofa Laid Back Scroll Arm, Photographer Regine Giesecke

The History Of The Building

This historical property is one of the seven cultural heritage buildings in the Canton. It is situated directly on the lake, and is known as the "Pearl of Zug". Before Niklas Nikolajsen purchased the St. Karlshof, it served as a home for refugees from all over the world who came to Switzerland for political asylum. The St. Karl Borromäus chapel in the estate, built in 1615, was restored and will be open to the public to host events for the local community.

Photographer Regine Giesecke

The Partners

"George Smith was the perfect partner for this project because of their exceptional quality and meticulous attention to detail. The bespoke, personalised approach and beautifully finished upholstered furniture made it an ideal choice for this prestigious project. I particularly admire the great attention to detail in the polished brass nail heads, stitching, and piping," said Sabine Andreas.

Photographer Regine Giesecke

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