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On The Sofa With Samantha Todhunter

Samantha Todhunter Design has an easy modern dynamic. Samantha Todhunter Design has an easy modern dynamic. The studio creates interiors that are relaxed and informal, interjected with essential dashes of glamour and luxe.


We sat down with Samantha to delve into the design world, as she discusses her unique design philosophy, her captivating yet functional concept for this year’s Decorex event, and how our furniture seamlessly integrates into her vision.

    Q1:Samantha, please can you introduce yourself and tell us about your design philosophy, and how this has shaped your approach towards your projects?
    I have been in the design world in one form or another since the beginning of my career, and my upbringing was also very much rooted in design – the studio ethos is about creating interiors that are relaxed and informal, but also creating rooms that are infused with an easy elegance. So, whether we work on a project in city or country, we always dose our rooms with dashes of glamour and luxe – something that elevates and transforms a room into something special.

    Q2: Can you describe the concept you’ve chosen for the stand at this year’s Decorex event?
    The challenge for the stand at Decorex for Benjamin Moore was not to overshadow the hero, the COTY 2024, with an overly busy scheme that draws the viewer’s eye away. Envisaging the whimsy redolent of a traditional English garden room or morning room, using treillage and tromp l’oeil, we were able to incorporate the COTY palette in an effortless way. And, by using calico to upholster the beautiful and feminine furniture shapes, we compliment rather than compete with the hero – the colour palette of the paint.

    Q3: How did George Smith furniture fit into your design concept?
    The ottoman sofa and chair are an absolute favourite of mine, their soft and deeply feminine profile being the perfect partner to our whimsical space, adding that essential dash of glamour and luxe we always love.

    Q4: Can you share some key elements that will be incorporated into the design of this stand?
    Treillage, trompe l’oeil ceiling and the classic checkerboard painted floor so redolent of the classic English country garden room.

    Q5: How are you approaching the challenge of ensuring the stand will be visually captivating, whilst also being functional?
    I hope that the combination of treillage, a striped ’tented’ ceiling and the floor will be instantly captivating, and the easy elegance of the furniture will invite people to sit and absorb their surroundings while also appreciating the comfort of the upholstery and the delicious colour palette of Benjamin Moore’s 2024 release.

    Q6: Which component of your design do you believe will attract the most attention or have the most impact?
    I think it will be two things – firstly the sorbet deliciousness of the colour palette being released, but also the wonderful layering of pattern.

    Q7: Compared to traditional spaces, what does designing a stand for a large event like Decorex present in terms of unique opportunities and challenges?
    In terms of a challenge – creating a space that draws people in, that doesn’t feel like a ’stand’ and that tells a story. In terms of opportunity – so much fun to let loose and work with such wonderful colours outside of our normal interior remit.

    Q8: What advice do you have for aspiring interior designers who aim to incorporate furniture effectively into their designs?
    Advice to aspiring designers – do not be afraid of scale – scale up and be bold. Don’t be timid; just because a room is dark does not mean it has to be painted white…that is a metaphor for so much!

    Q9: Lastly, how would you like the visitors at Decorex to remember the stand once the event has finished?
    That they arrived, turned a corner, spied the Benjamin Moore stand in the distance and were instantly drawn towards it because of the joyous use of colour and the evocativeness of the space.

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