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Trust the Experts: The George Smith Frame

All great pieces of furniture start with a great frame. ..

As the structural support of a piece of furniture before it is upholstered, stained or veneered, the frame determines the final shape and design. Depending on the materials and techniques used, the frame will establish the furniture’s overall quality.

Meet Richie, Master of the Frame Shop...

    Richie Miller is the secret ingredient to all George Smith furniture, having worked at our factory for 22 years, he is a fountain of knowledge. While speaking to Richie, he said, “as makers of exceptional furniture, our upholsterers require the finest frames to provide the enduring comfort that our discerning clients demand. Using kiln-dried hardwood with traditional joinery methods means our frames can support the heavy-duty jute webbing and cone springs that deliver both inner strength and outer beauty. Whilst we have adapted these methods using new technology such as the CNC machine, the development has been led with the firm belief that quality is more important than service or cost. So what makes a great frame? Strong foundations in traditional values and a team of craftsmen and product developers that never compromise on quality.”

Why do we use a CNC machine?

    At George Smith, quality and personalisation are two things we promise to deliver and pride ourselves on the consistency of our work. The CNC machine, our secret weapon, ensures that every piece of the ‘frame puzzle’ is cut with immense precision. This avoids the risk of any added strain on the joints from human error which would reduce the overall quality and longevity of the piece. The process of developing the frame pieces this way allows for greater levels of customisation. Digital modelling lets our developers test designs before they go into production more efficiently than if it was done by hand, making almost anything possible.

Furniture Trivia

    Do you know why Kings and Queens used to sit on thrones? Only people from the royalty or nobility sat on chairs in medieval times. People belonging to lower social status usually sat on stools, and when in the presence of their superior, they just stood.

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