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Opened in mid-March of 2019 with an invitation-only Grand Re-opening event, Raven Vanguard's sensual Music Room is an entirely unique, visual and tactile approach to interior design.

Raven Vanguard

Raven Vanguard are all about the exploration and attainment of the purest and most complete realisations imaginable of beauty, sensation and experience. They specialise in designing breathtakingly vivid and tranquil music rooms of uncompromising sensuality, comfort and, budget permitting, custom-made luxury.

They pride themselves on being different in everything they do. Their single guiding principle is their sense of beauty, where every detail is considered and endlessly obsessed over. Based in Buffalo, New York State, they are a speciality high-end design collective and creative consultancy, creating unique and exclusive residential, hospitality, and commercial interiors.

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Conversation Piece

The definition of a Conversation Piece is when the piece of furniture itself becomes the topic of conversation due to its unusual and eye-catching qualities. With plenty of deep buttoning, decorative ruching along the bottom and seat joints and shiny nail head details, it simply exudes luxury. Upholstered in Imperial Marine from Verel de Belval.

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Channeled Wing Chair

Classic feet and an elegant silhouette combine with the vertical channeled back and solid seat to make the Channeled Wing Chair a contemporary twist on a classic design.

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Bespoke Dining Chair

The fringe detailing on this unique piece adds a whole new dimension to the luxurious fabrics used to create this piece.

The Music Room

Perhaps more than any other designed environment, a dedicated music room provides an accomplished designer with a multifaceted opportunity for creative experimentation across the entire range of the human sensory experience.

The creative concept for their new Music Room came through exploration of the fascinating arts and aesthetic experience of the European Salon counter-culture that flourished from the 16th to the 19th Century. The idea started from a relatively simple premise - the idea to restore essence to interpersonal relationships and sanctuary to homes.

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