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The Wonders of Wool

Dugdale Bros & Co's Factory in Huddersfield
    At George Smith, our woollen fabrics are all made in Huddersfield by Dugdale Bros & Co, who, for over 125 years, have made woollen cloth for some of the world’s most luxurious brands. Much like George Smith, Dugdale Bros has remained fiercely independent and proudly British-made and is the last remaining independently owned cloth merchant in Huddersfield. Dugdale Bros still collaborates with neighbouring historic weavers and eminent finishers to produce the renowned, unbeatable woollen cloth that is so perfect for our furniture.

How is the cloth made?

    Thanks to Huddersfield’s unique geography, the region’s water provides optimum conditions for washing wool – almost all impurities are filtered out by the millstone hills of the Pennines, which enables the fibres to retain their lustrous quality and soft handle. Because of this, mills began to spring up in the surrounding valleys during the industrial revolution and, as technology, techniques and skills advanced, Huddersfield-made cloth became known for its unbeatably fine finish.

    Dugdale’s Managing Director, Simon Glendenning explains, “Firstly, we source the best class of merino wool available from growers in New South Wales, Australia. Next, this is transformed into the highest quality yarns by some of the industry’s finest wool processors – also located in Huddersfield – before being transported down the road to be woven into cloth. Finally, the fabric is washed and finished nearby, to achieve the premium quality we’ve become renowned for.”

Tailors and Upholsterers

    Tailors and upholsterers are cut from the same cloth (pardon the pun); the difference is what – or who – they ‘dress’. Dugdale Bros woollen cloth has become a mainstay within the cutting rooms of Savile Row tailors, due to its exceptional ability to hold pleats, take buttoning and stand the test of time. These qualities are equally important for the detailed and refined upholstery of our furniture, creating a seamless synergy between George Smith and Dugdale Bros.

Upholstered pieces in our Dugdale Bros Wools

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Wing Chair by Commune Design inSpringdale Wool, Sapphire from our Dugdale wool collection.
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Airdrie Chair upholstered in Parkwood Wool, Whiskey.
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Soho Baby Buttoned Drum in Fairfield Wool, Hazel.
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Emma Chair upholstered in Albany Wool, Soleil.
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Morrison Sofa in Parkwood wool, whiskey.

Why Wool?

    Wool has stood the test of time, known for being incredibly hard-wearing and naturally flame-retardant. It’s perfect for people that like to entertain, as it has a natural coating on the surface that gives you extra time to mop up any spills. Wool requires significantly less energy during the processing stages, making it not only stylish but notably more eco-friendly.

    Dugdale Bros combines its expertise with its dedication to sustainability goals by conducting regular production audits, ensuring they fully adhere to REACH regulations. Dugdale Bros pledges that their woollen fabrics are manufactured using yarns that have been processed by spinners who source their wool ethically. The wool is sheared from sheep that have been reared humanely on commercial farms that meet the highest standards of animal welfare legislation.
Wool Upholstery fabric UK
Dugdale, Springdale Wool

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