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On the Sofa with Barry Dixon

An American interior designer who translates his clients' life experiences into an aesthetic that they can live in and love.

Barry has managed to distil a potion that brings his clients’ unique narratives to life through their interiors. Barry’s own narrative is an abundance of culture, colour and creativity. Before entering his teenage years, Barry had already lived on every continent in the world. His father, who worked for the established Rothchild family as a metal expert, brought his young family with him to every destination. From Pakistan to South Africa, India to South Caledonia, Barry was exposed to extraordinary interiors across the globe from an early age, and this has influenced his work to this day.
While we were interviewing Barry, he mentioned that his unique approach to interiors is what draws his clients to him. “My clients, hire me as a filter they can trust. I like to take my favourite things from history, plucked from the aesthetic continuum, and put them in a modern setting that cannot be categorised as belonging to any era”.

Upholstered Chesterfield

Barry has used George Smith furniture in many of his projects throughout his career. As he explained, “To me, George Smith is an iconic yet progressive brand, the pieces are timeless and speak clearly for themselves. There is also a hard-to-beat quality; you can re-upholster George Smith furniture for generations. The George Smith factory creates clean-lined furniture that is reverent to what we love about the past, without being fussy”.

Upholstered Ryan Sofa

Barry’s approach to styling interiors is enchanting. He believes that “a room should start a conversation before a word is spoken. A home should be a story of the people that live there, each room revealing more insight. An exceptional home is like a great book; each room is a chapter”. Barry modestly explained, “I just help my clients realise how they want their home to read”. This anthropological and insightful approach to interior design is why Barry’s work is always so captivating. He makes sure that he really understands the client, and aims to enrich and educate them with his design knowledge during the process, to ensure that the home owner can fully appreciate their surroundings.

Upholstered Soho Buttoned Coffee Table

If you could design anyone's home in the world, who would it be?

“If I could work with anyone I would have to go back to my southern roots. To Kill A Mockingbird is one of my favourite books and, in fact, Harper Lee came and taught a creative writing class when I was at school. So I think I would have to go into the literary world. In fact, my first degree was in English Literature – but yes, Harper Lee, I would know how to do that Southern home for her. We’d understand each other’s history and would work really well together.”

Upholstered Chesterfield

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